Reinventing the Wheel: The Art & Science of Mixing Vintage Holiday Attire with Modern Kid's Fashion

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Holiday Attire
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Reinventing the Wheel: The Art & Science of Mixing Vintage Holiday Attire with Modern Kid's Fashion

You remember those dusty old photo albums you usually get out during the holidays? Your toddler dressed in the revered hand-knit holiday cardigan, passed down the family line. And, um, the undeniable scare when you spot yourself rocking a loud neon holiday novelty sweater - well, that's the 80s for you! Good thing the 2020s are all about mashing up the old with the new. We're serving up Heritage Chic with a side of Modern Cool for your tykes this holiday!

The Charm of Vintage Holiday Attire

Vintage attire holds a special place in the holiday celebrations. These pieces carry stories of family gatherings and festive cheer, echoing back to days gone by. The value lies not just in the threads of the garment, but in the fond memories they resurface. Also, any resemblance your kiddo bears to a young you in those throwback pieces? Purely an added bonus!

Understanding the Modern Kid's Fashion Scene

Modern kid's fashion isn't all about wild patterns and loud colors. Today, kids are leaning more towards comfortable yet chic attire (Totally cool onesies, anyone?). That simplifies our vintage-modern mashup while getting the stamp of approval from your little style consultant.

Blend the Old with the New

Combining vintage and modern styles doesn't have to be a complicated science experiment. A classic vintage holiday dress paired with a trendy bomber jacket can be showstopping. Think grandpa’s holiday suspenders over a modern neutral sweatshirt – you’ve got yourself a fashion-forward look there, buddy!

Brands to Watch Out for

Brands like 'Le Petit Society', 'OshKosh B'gosh' and 'Bonpoint' are effortlessly making waves in the kid's fashion scene by refurbishing vintage designs to appeal to the modern parent and mapping the comfort quotient to appease the little fashionistas. They've truly decoded the mantra of 'everything old is new again'.

Wrapping it Up

As renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said, 'You cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur.' With this in mind, don’t shy away from experimenting, mix those holiday faux-fur vests with modern skinny jeans, the kids will thank you!


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