The 7 Top Trends in Kids Fashion for 2022 You Can’t Ignore

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Welcome to the Crazy, Colorful World of Kids Fashion!

As we bid adieu to 2021, let's shine a spotlight on an often underappreciated corner of the fashion realm – kids fashion! Embrace yourself for a joy ride through the vibrant, playfully stylish trends that are going to rule the kids fashion world in 2022. So, buckle up, let's enjoy this kids' runway!

1. Cartoon-Themed Apparel

From Spongebob tees to Frozen dresses, our little fashionistas are in for a treat this year. In 2022, we're seeing more designers collaborating with cartoon franchises to bring our kids' favorite characters into their closet, ensuring their outfits are as animated as their personalities!1

2. Oversized Styles

2022 is throwing out the rulebook on kids fashion sizing, with oversized styles taking center stage. You see, the beauty of kids fashion is about offering our pint-sized fashion mavens the freedom to experiment, and what's more exciting than a comfy, oversized look that they can adapt and make their own?

3. Sustainable Fabrics

Kudos to the parents who are increasingly seeking out eco-friendly kids wear in a bid to protect our planet's future.2 From recyclable fabrics to organic cotton, our little changemakers are strutting their stuff in outfits that not only look good but do good too.

4. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

No that's not just a Mean Girls quote anymore!3 The color forecast for 2022 kidswear hints at a palette painted in hues of pink. Whether it's bubblegum pink sneakers or rose-tinted dresses, our pint-sized fashionistas are going to be tickled pink.

5. Athleisure

Athleisure continues to reign supreme, blending style and comfort in a way that appeals to both kids and parents alike. This year, look for ruffled active-wear shorts and playful printed leggings that encourage kids to play hard while looking fabulous.

6. Neon RGB

The future of kids fashion is bright – and we mean, seriously bright. Neon clothes are bringing a shock of color to the catwalk for our young style icons. The perfect choice for those who love making a statement!

7. Accessories

From stacked friendship bracelets to funky caps, accessories remain a firm favorite in 2022 kidswear. After all, it's the finishing touches that make a fashion statement truly sing.

So, parents, as we close the chapter on 2021, why not usher in the new year with a wardrobe update for your little fashionista? Let's dress them in styles that celebrate their creativity, individuality, and boundless energy. Whoever said fashion was just for grown-ups clearly never saw how cool kids can be!


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